The 4 Best Photo Editing Apps

Create Great Social Media Graphics
Seeing and sharing pictures in social media is fun! I enjoy seeing pictures of my friends because I feel connected even though we may be miles apart.

In our quest to share (or maybe overshare) our lives, I find myself using several photo editing apps more frequently than others. I’m often asked what I use to add text, create a collage, or edit the picture. In response to those requests, here are my “go to” apps when sharing pictures with my friends (like you).

The 4 Best Photo Editing Apps

1. Pic Collage – A free picture app that I use on my iPhone.
Pic Collage is an easy to use app that is like the “Swiss army knife” for pictures and graphics. I can add different backgrounds, images from the internet, text and more. The picture effects are plentiful, and I can crop, add a border, blur, and modify the color – all with the tap of a button!

Bottom Line – this is a very easy app to use on my iPhone, and I can modify my creations at a later date.

2. Photogrid – A free picture app that I use on my iPhone
Photogrid produces higher quality graphics than PicCollage. However, I’m not as familiar with Photogrid, so I use it when I have more time to create a graphic. I like Photogrid because the pictures are more clear, and the text is super crisp. The creations look very high end. The features are robust and are similar to PicCollage. My favorite feature is the “poster” feature that has editable borders and graphics for a more upscale look.

Bottom Line – this is a good app for creating higher-end graphics. The major disadvantage is that I can not update or modify an image once I have saved it to my phone.

3. Canva – A free web-based platform that I use on my laptop
When I want to produce something unique, I turn to Canva. Mainly, I use Canva when I want to share quote graphics or words of inspiration! Canva has great features, and I can even purchase photos for $1.

Bottom Line – this is a great, easy to use internet-based platform that allows a drag and drop approach to graphic design. I highly recommend Canva for beginner to expert users.

4. Photoshop Elements – A paid software program that I use on my laptop
Photoshop Elements is a more sophisticated software program than the other 3 discussed in this list. I use Photoshop Elements for most web page images and social media banners. If you are not familiar with Photoshop, then I recommend you complete several tutorials before you pay for the software.

Bottom Line – this is a good software program if you have the time to learn how to use the range of features this product offers.

Which picture editor is the best for you? If you are a casual user on your iPhone, then Pic Collage or Photogrid is best for you! If you are a casual user, but would like a larger screen to edit your pictures, I would recommend Canva. Photoshop Elements is your editor of choice if you will be an avid, more consistent user.

These are the 4 photo editing apps and software that I consistently use for social media sharing. Try one today and keep sharing your precious photos with your friends!

A Look At After Touch – A New Photo Editing App For The Sony Xperia S

The majority of modern smartphones boast some superb camera features and one of the leading devices in this area is the Sony Xperia S. This excellent new phone includes a 12 million pixel primary camera that can capture very high quality images. A range of applications are available for consumers that enable them to add effects to their images to give them a much more professional appearance. One of the newest apps available for the Xperia S is After Focus, a new piece of software which offers some brilliant features.

Unlike may photo editing applications currently available After Focus does not boast any social networking features that enable you to upload images directly to certain sites. This software is a stand alone photo editing tool and it is perfect for preparing your images before you upload them to other services. After Focus enables users of the Sony Xperia S to take a photograph from within the application or choose to edit another image that has already been captured with the phone. One of the most attractive features that this application offers is the ability to make certain areas of you image appear blurred which helps make the segment of the image that is in focus stand out even more. Users can opt to achieve this effect by simply circling the area that needs to remain focused on the screen. Alternatively the manual mode allows the blur to be applied at various levels on specified areas of the shot. This effect produces some fantastic results and it looks superb on the Xperia S thanks to the large display and excellent image quality that is on offer.

The After Touch application for the Sony Xperia S also offers a wealth of other features in addition to the focus modes that we have discussed. A wide array of filters are available that help give your image a very different look. The usual filters are all available including Sepia which takes most of the colour out of the shot to leave a photograph with an attractive vintage effect. Once you have created an image that you are happy with the photo can be saved to your photo collection on the handset. Users can then choose to share the image by using the Android Share feature on the phone which easily enables the shot to be uploaded to sites such as Picassa and Facebook or sent in an e mail. This process does take slightly longer than alternative apps that have share features incorporated but it is a small price to pay for achieving such excellent final results.

After Focus is a powerful photo editing tool for the Sony Xperia S. Despite the lack of social networking integration the software still impresses thanks to a range of excellent options that help users to achieve some wonderful images.